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Fairmont Royal Innovative Education System is an international capacity building training center with 100+ trainees and multiple locations in Africa and Pakistan. FRIES was established in 2017 and are a part of the Fairmont Royal Group of Companies.

We believe in quality education, affordable pricing for academic programs, time-saving courses, practical skills, employability skills, and so much more. We have partners and representatives all over the world and highly qualified trainers to provide nothing but the best for our trainees. One of our main collaborations is with the Institute of Productivity UK to bring Level 3 - 4 UK Performance Management Employability Certificate.

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FRIES Vision 

To promote quality education, prepare the youth for a challenging future by enhancing employability skills while connecting them to global institutions and organizations.


The purpose of UK employability certificates is to train higher secondary and graduate youth and adults for our country in various sectors for their Global employment and Future careers.

FRIES Mission

FRIES aims to empower our trainees through education and help them change their lives for the better and is dedicated to fostering intellectual growth, aesthetic appreciation, and character development in our trainees. Our programs integrate global awareness, employability skills, communication skills, and team-building across the curriculum; We provide the best possible education to those who need it at an affordable price, giving people from all walks of life the opportunities they need to improve their career prospects. FRIES aims to support and implement education that reforms to make this sector responsive to changing democratic, social and economic conditions by improving its efficiency and effectiveness. 


Fairmont Royal Group of Companies is one of the leading global companies and it was estabilished in 2018. Our services include Agriculture, IT, Natural Resources, Fisheries, Education, Health, International Trade, Tourism, Real Estate Development and Climate Change.
Fairmont Royal Group of Companies operates in Pakistan and has been working in collaboration with a number of world renowned companies and experts for its products and services in London, USA, Africa and European Union. We continue to strive for expanding our customer base, developing our capabilities and in process of opening locations in 27 Countries.


  1. Fairmont Royal Innovative Education System

  2. Fairmont Royal Hospitality & Tourism

  3. Fairmont Royal Geo Exploration Energy & Environment

  4. Fairmont Royal Human Resource Development  

  5. Fairmont Royal Health Care Services

  6. Fairmont Royal Construction Designers & Developers

  7. Fairmont Royal IT Data Management & Research Services

  8. Fairmont Royal Imports and Exports

  9. Fairmont Royal Events Management

  10. Fairmont Royal Fisheries & Acquaculture

  11. Fairmont Royal Food & Agriculture  

  12. Fairmont Royal Business Asset & Policy Consultants

  13. Fairmont Royal Mining & Gemstones

  14. Fairmont Royal Industries

  15. Fairmont Royal Legal & International Development Consultancy

  16. Fairmont Royal Sports Entertainment and Recreation

  17. Fairmont Royal Media & Telecommunication Services 

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