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TRIAL COURSE - Interactive Virtual Classes

A Special Offer for Trainees in Pakistan 

We are offering a trial course of 15 days with interactive virtual classes. 

  • No Age Limit

  • No Prior Qualification Required

  • Virtual Classes with Excellency Rubina with her expertise in Business Management 

  • Get Certification of completion

  • Live Lectures with Practicals, Assignments & Presentations

  • Become a trained individual with an understanding of many sectors that you can use in the practical world 

  • Get premium support for all your queries from FRIES Team

  • Discussion Group for Q&A on modules for trainee's


Duration: 15 Days

Purpose of this trial:

We are offering this special trial course to encourage trainees to join our Level 3 - 4 UK Performance Management Employability Certificate which is in collaboration with the Institute of Productivity.


1. Business Management

2. Personality Development

3. Call Center Training - Practical

4. Human Resource

5. Global Marketing

6. English Conversation

7. Employability Skills

8. Diplomacy

9. Leadership Skills

10. Productivity 

Registration Fee of only Rs. 2500/=

Non-refundable registration fee

Online Application on the website to register

A Risk-Free Course - you've got nothing to lose

Apply Now!

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