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(Level 3 and 4)


This is a key area of both the domestic and global economy. As such there is a real demand for talented individuals who understand the management of hospitality businesses, and who can think about business development. The courses that we offer students a design to make sure that those talented individuals are you and fellow students, providing you with the skills and knowledge to be successful in this growing market.


This course examines the fundamentals of a project and how to successfully manage one. It covers a broad range of topics, from the environment in which businesses operate to how to respond to and manage stakeholders and market needs. You should also be able to develop the skill and knowledge that will help prepare you for the challenging hospitality business for your future. The course means that not only do you learn the theoretical aspects but it also provides you with ability to relate this to the real world of work. Evaluating the application of these theories and concepts puts you at an advantage of being a strategic thinker and proactive manager in hospitality business.


 The Contemporary Hospitality Industry 
 Finance for the Hospitality Industry 
 Customer Service
 Rooms Division Operations Management 
 Food & Beverage Operations Management 
 The Travel & Tourism Sector
 Marketing for the Hospitality Industry
 Tour Operations Management 
 Managing Projects
 Managing Activities 

You will have strong career prospects in diverse areas of hospitality and tourism sector. You could have a range of opportunities available to you for your seeking employment. Typical jobs could include a hotel manager, as well as food & beverage manager as well as tour guide or your own tourism entrepreneurial business. On successfully completing your course you could apply for a top up degree or the work opportunities are varied in the hospitality / tourism sector. 

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