Our comprehensive range of Level 3 - 4 UK courses has been designed to ready you for career success in diverse industry sectors. These specialized one year programs deliver the practical, real world skills you require to excel in areas including Food and Hospitality Management,  Productivity & Logistics, Information Technology Practitioner – Data Analytics, Agriculture Technology – Fisheries / Livestock / Dairy, Food Safety & Technology, Food Chain Management / Retail and Health / Social Care Management. Whether you opt to enter the workplace or continue on to the Honors Degree, a Level 3 – 4 UK Courses of Fairmont Royal is the first step to achieving your ambitions.

UK skilled employability certificate provides job guarantee for International Humanitarian Projects – We are affiliated with Strategic Planners of World Bank, International Agriculture Organizations and World Humanity Commission  


The purpose of UK Employability Certificates is to train higher secondary & graduate youth and adults of our country in various sectors for their global employment and future careers. 






Food & Hospitality Management

(Level 3 and 4)

The courses that we offer students a design to make sure that those talented individuals are you and fellow students, providing you with the skills and knowledge to be successful in this growing market of the hospitality business. 
The students will be able to develop the skill and knowledge that will help prepare them for the challenging hospitality business for your future.

Information Technology Practitioner - Data Analytics

(Level 3 and 4) 

By studying this course you should gain a good understanding of the role of Information Technology (IT)  in business and how its used to gain competitive advantage and streamline functions. We offer an in-depth understanding of the information system development on which today’s organizations rely. You will explore the systems that collect, filter, process, create, and distribute data, with assignments typically taking the form of coursework, projects and written reports. This more practical learning will develop the hands-on skills you need to launch a successful career in ISE.

Agriculture Technology - Fisheries / Livestock / Dairy

(Level 3 and 4)

We provide you with a husbandry-based program in production agriculture which, in combination with practical experience and guidance from a manager, will enable you to undertake the running of a farm enterprise. 

This industry-focused certificate prepares you for a successful management career by providing a solid understanding of key agriculture business management principals and practices.

Health & Social Care Management
(Level 3 and 4)

Organizations that safeguard the welfare of others need specialist management. This 1 year Certificate trains you in the operations that keep health and social services running effectively. This course is composed of theoretical and practical learning modules that underpin the core concepts of healthcare. The content taught is relevant to both current health care practice and the changing context of healthcare delivery, while reinforcing the impact of care delivery on patients, their families, careers and the wider healthcare sector. You'll examine the skills, behaviors and techniques of a reflective practitioner and define safe and effective practice in health and social care


Productivity & Logistics 
(Level 3 and 4)

We have developed a range of modular qualifications relating to productivity and performance improvement. They are designed to build knowledge and competence to support managers in driving improvements in productivity, performance and competitiveness.


Food Safety & Technology
(Level 3 and 4)

The students will be able to excel professionally in the field of food safety and technology by meeting the current market requirements. Additionally, the program allows the students to develop an area of interest to fit their career goals and demonstrate their expertise in multiple fields. 


Food Chain Management & Retail
(Level 3 and 4)

It is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge and skills in the field of food supply chains and logistics. The students will not only receive knowledge within the topic, but also apply it within the field of logistics in the food industry.




  • Continuous Improvement

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Risk & Issue Management 

  • Performance Measurement & Management

  • Quality Management for Improved Productivity

  • Organizational Development for Improved Productivity

  • Project Planning & Control 

  • Planning for Operational Change

  • Innovation & Creativity 

  • Leadership & Management 

  • Designing & Implementing a Balanced Scorecard

  • Using Bench-marking to Improve Performance

  • Production Engineering    

  • Workforce Planning to Improve Productivity

  • Mobile Technologies for Improved Productivity

  • Problem Solving for Business 

  • Reducing Waste to Improve Productivity 

  • Costing & Financial Control